It all started a few years ago when The Levin went into VIP Vapers and spoke to ConCon about starting to vape, a few months down the line ConCon asked The Levin if her wanted to do vape reviews, ConCon had noticed that The Levin had become found of vaping and had learnt a lot, fast.

They arrange to meet up and spend literally hours going through the fast tech catalogue, 52 pages, with a £150 budget, £50 from ConCon, £50 from The Egg and £50 from The Levin and thus Oddmods was born…

3 Weeks later the first video was made and had gone live to YouTube, with a Facebook, YouTube and Instagram all up and running next came the Live streams, somehow they took off fantastically well, followed by giveaways and more reviews, then Expo, what an experience that was, ConCon was working for VIP Vapers at the time but The Levin was not nor was The Egg, Ash from VIP said we could join them on the B2B day, so they hired a car and the The Egg drove to Birmingham and back in one day.

This continued for the next 2 expos, including a surprise visit from The Egg and The Levin, ConnCon was working the Expo with VIP Vapers and The Levin said he wasn’t able to make it but at the last minute, literally the night before The Levin and The Egg decided to go up and surprise ConCon.

Sadly though as our beards grew out, ConCon’s and The Levin’s direction for the channel grew apart, after a slightly heated debate, it was decided for the sake of their friendship to separate and both to go in their own direction, The Levin carried on with Oddmods, admittedly it was more sporadic and the live feeds died down, ConCon took 6 months off of reviewing but decided to make a come back as The Vaping Drummer so now you have 2 reviewers for the price of one.

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